BUHeroes Inspiration: Add Value

I know there is times where as a youth you feel as if you cannot contribute to another’s life, however, the fact is we ALL can add value to lives. There is no age requirement with adding value, it is a matter of how you wish to do it. Many youths within the BUHeroes Community add value through music, many do it with acting, many do it with dancing, regardless of how they do it, they are adding value.

Adding value to someone else’s life is a tremendous mindset to focus on. People love to support inspiration, everyone finds value in inspiration. We all find inspiration in different ways as well, the fact is you can add value to someone everyday. You do not need to be on TV, radio, billboards, or going viral on social media. You can add value to ONE single person and still feel accomplished, it often becomes a ripple effect.

You will add value to one person and assist them in rising up, and they will love how that feels and likely choose to pay it forward to someone else. That is the benefit with adding value to only one person, that is all it takes. How can you add value to someone else’e life? Is it presents? Is it money? Is it a simple gesture? To be honest with you, adding value is subjective, just as well all find inspiration in different ways, people find value in different ways. The purpose to adding value is to add excitement, inspiration, support, or motivation to someone’s life, and this is different for everyone. However, there are some very common ways to add value.

Honesty, honesty is huge with people. You can add value to someone with being honest with them. When you are honest with someone you show them that you respect them, and through this honesty you assist them with garnering trust for you. You have just added great value to their lives, and you may not even know it.

Compassion, you can add value in someone’s life with showing them compassion. Just that simple, “are you OK?” can add tremendous value to someone. By you showing them attention and showing genuine intent to inquire if you can help them, you have added value to their life. Showing someone you are compassionate with them shows you value them. Compassion can be an amazing inspiration for many people.

Listening, when you give someone the time to vent or share how they feel, you allow them opportunity to feel acknowledged. This feeling will add value to them as they will feel their voice matters. They will be inspired to speak more to you, and they will feel valued as you showed them you respect their feelings and thoughts.

Support, this one is huge with everyone. Everyone regardless of what they may say loves being supported, as the reality is you can never succeed without someone supporting you. If you dream to be a singer you will need CD sales and ticket sales to become successful, if you are a writer you will need people to buy your content, thus regardless of what you dream to be, you will need support. Support is universal, and we all need it, thus when you offer it you add tremendous value to someone’s life, they feel their dreams are worth it through your support.

Time, you can add value to someone’s life through giving them your time, time is a combination of everything above. The reality is everything costs time in your life, time gone is time you will never get back. This is a universal understanding, and this is why we need to respect people taking their time to show us support, respect, etc. When someone notices you taking YOUR time and showing it to them they will feel a surge of increased value, they will feel this amazing feeling that you appreciate them.

As you can see from the examples above it does not matter on your age, it just matters on you making selfless choices. In order to add value to the lives of others it needs to be genuine and real. You can try and add value to someone with false intent, however, I promise you it will come around and sabotage you.

I am a firm believer that the best way to measure your success is by how much value you’ve added, and how much value you intend to add to someone else’s life. You can have a payday of over $1 million, and it will make YOU very happy to see this result for sure, however, if you intend to use ALL that money on only you, you will go broke and feel empty very fast. Success is within a network, now, if you used some of that money and contributed to a charity of your choice, not only would you add value to someone, you will feel accomplished for helping others.

Many wish to strive for fame, however, I love to teach youths to strive for respect, and not fame. Fame only means you are well known, and when your name is mentioned and the way others react to it determines how much value you are adding. If you are famous but many do not respect you, would you feel satisfied? Likely not, as it is human nature to like being accepted and respected, many state they do not care, however, the truth is deep down we all do. As if we are not supported we will not succeed, we established this awhile back when I said success is universal.

I teach youths that the pursuit of happiness also includes the pursuit of respect. You need to focus your mind on respect and not fame. By focusing on how you can add value to others you are also adding value to your life. It is now how much money people spend on you, or how supportive they are of you that matters, it is how much value you added to their lives. You CAN begin adding value right now!

This is our intent with Boddyguards United, we garner our support by first offering it. We are able to invite youths to the BUHeroes Community by first acknowledging how they are adding value to others youths lives. We love to invite youths to the community when we see them adding value, our passion is inspiration, however, our goal is adding value through inspiration.

As a BUHero you will be adding value to the lives of many other youths and their families. This is where Boddyguards United begins a foundation to our legacy, and that legacy is adding value through inspiration. That is our mission, and that is why we feel the BUHeroes are the HEROES of the future, they add tremendous value!

You can begin adding value right now, you do not need an invite.

Dave Matthew Boddy

“Boddyguards United, where the YOUTHS are the HEROES.”

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