BUHeroes Inspiration: As long as you’re alive, you can adapt and affect change.

I was once asked what was the best lesson I learned and when I learned it in my life. I had to actually think about the answer, and as I was thinking of the answer I thought of this quote, “as long as you are alive, you can adapt and affect change.” Why is this quote the best answer to the questions above? I meant it, and I meant it as I learned it while I overcame the hardest part in my life.

Being diagnosed with serious depression after being diagnosed with permanent brain damage as a result of 15 concussions was a moment where I needed to adapt, and not quit (even though I was naturally leaning towards quitting at this time). I learned through the process of overcoming this that those who understand the value and importance to their lives are the ones who will find a way to adapt. For me, it was realizing how valuable I am to my son. Being a father was my reason to adapt, and when I understood how much value I have to my son, it was then I realized how much value my life had. When you are aware to how valuable you are is when you will ALWAYS find a way to adapt, as you know your life is worth it.

Once I realized my life had value and worth with it I began working harder on becoming the best version of me. I adapted to what I was going through focusing on my passion, passion became the focus for my life after this lesson I learned. I learned when you make passion your purpose you become the best version of yourself. I was more focused and determined than I ever had been in the past, even more determined than I was when I pursued professional wrestling with 11 concussions and serious shoulder injuries. I was more determined than ever before as I knew this was my life, and I knew my life had tremendous value, not only to me, but also to my son.

I always tell people after this struggle and lesson learned that a life without passion is a life that feel worthless. Once you choose to pursue your passion you become aware to how valuable and worth your life is. The reality is every life has passion in it, it is just a matter of you choosing to pursue it. This is why you are always pulled towards that one thing you love, that is your passion, and your passion is a huge part of you, and it always will be. As long as you ignore that passion you will feel incomplete, and you will feel massively unfulfilled. I learned the best way to adapt in life is to always maintain focus on your passion.

It is with this strong focus you will be able to adapt as you understand no matter what, your life is worth it. You will always remember you have the power to adapt as you have the power of awareness, and you are always aware you are worth carrying on. The power of adaptation is truly the key element to survival. Once you have the power to adapt, you have the power to overcome. That is why as long as you are alive you have the opportunity to adapt and affect change. When you wake up in the morning you wake up a winner, as the sad reality is every 40 seconds someone around the world is losing their life. Whenever you wake up in the morning, understand the amazing opportunity you have. You have the opportunity to once again pursue your passion, you have the opportunity to adapt and overcome.

As long as you are alive you have the opportunity to adapt and affect change. The only thing we have power over is our effort and how we choose to adapt. The best way to remain focused on the power you have is to remain aware of the value to your life. Regardless of what or how you may feel now, your life has tremendous worth and value to it. There are days where we feel our lives do not matter and we have zero worth, however, we cannot always be right. And this mindset is a true example as to when you are VERY wrong. Your life has worth, and your life has value. YOU just need to focus more on the opportunity you are given to have another day to live.

The power of adaptation also has an element to it, and this element is the ability to remain grateful. As I mentioned above, “every 40 seconds someone around the world is losing their life.” Here you are winning. You woke up, that is just it, you woke up! You already begun the day as a winner, and when you keep that mentality all day you WILL have the power to adapt and overcome, all the time. You are aware to how valuable your life is as you are given another opportunity to live.

As long as you are alive you can adapt and affect change, it is 100% true. It is a lesson I learned and it is a quote I truly live by. This quote is not just some words put together to sound fancy, they are truly words I learned when I personally overcame through adaptation and understanding the worth to my life. These are words that I truly live by, and I know if YOU choose to live by them as well you will see the worth in adaptation.