BUHeroes Inspiration: Ayrianna Day Chief


I first came into contact with Ayrianna’s mother through conversation on a Facebook Live video, I messaged her a link to someone’s Facebook page, and the message I received back was for me to pray fro Ayrianna as she was going through a lot of struggle, I knew then I needed to offer some support by being a good listener to understand exactly what this family was dealing with.

Upon reading everything Crystal was sending me I realized just how much stress and worry this family was dealing with. Ayrianna was going through so much, and this family needed a break, and they needed genuine support. I spoke with Crystal about Boddyguards United, and how we extend support through inspiration to youths, and Crystal agreed to allow Ayrianna part of BUHeroes, we also were able to invite her sister Tenille to the program as well.

When Ayrianna was announced as a BUHero Crystal mentioned how excited and happy Ayrianna was. I was thrilled to notice how excited she was, as I feel she is the epitome of what being a BUHero means. She is strong willed, she is resilient, she is focused on her passions, and she genuinely cares about others. People tend to feel adding youths to BUHeroes adds value to Boddyguards United, and they are right. However, I ask you to understand these youths add so much value to me, to my family, and to all of you.

Ayrianna is amazing as a BUHero due to the value she adds to people she meets, she tends to be aware of her illness, however, she does not allow it to affect her day negatively, she only sees happiness and the goal to spread it.

Crystal made me aware of the Make-A-Wish Foundation event coming up for Ayrianna, and she asked me if I wished to attend the event for Ayrianna. Not only was I very excited to accept the invite, I was honored. However, I asked if there was anymore help I could offer, and was asked to meet with Make-A-Wish to help plan the event. I am more than happy to support Ayrianna and her family, as they’ve all deserved this day. With all the stress and the struggle they’ve been through, this is the best event for them to look forward to.

Ayrianna is such a happy, energetic, and passionate youth, and she deserves nothing short of the best, and I vowed to Crystal that I will deliver on the guests who we invite. I know for certain that Ayrianna will inspire many youths, and I wished to help offer a platform for Ayrianna to do so, thus, we are so happy to have her part of BUHeroes.

Thank you Ayrianna for your inspiration, thank you for your strength, thank you for you positive energy, and thank you so much for adding great value to lives all around you. You have such a contagious personality, and we are very happy to have met you, thank you for everything you do. Keep fighting, please keep fighting, we are here for you!

Dave Matthew Boddy

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