BUHeroes Inspiration: Carly and Martina


There is so much I can say about the twin sisters who are tremendously talented, and who have built an incredible support system on all social media platforms. However, the one main thing I wish to speak about in regards to Carly and Martina is their focus on inspiration.

Their journey with music began when they took piano lessons at a very young age, and they have said they never really had plans to pursue a career in music. However, this all changed when Carly came home from school one day and had a rough experience with being bullied. Together they decided to write and perform their first hit, “Make me happy.” Within a week after they released the song they were offered a record deal!

It is amazing how a bad experience with being bullied ended up being the push for Carly and Martina to begin their journey. What started as a means to cope with bullying, ended up being a beginning for talents to be shown. Carly and Martina have made it their mission to spread inspiration through their lyrics and music. When you listen to their content you will experience an amazing surge of inspiration.

They have experienced an amazing amount of great experiences since they released, “Make me Happy.” And every bit of their success has been well deserved, their work ethic is beyond average. Carly and Martina write their own lyrics, and they are the ones who work on all the post-production for all their content. Is that not amazing?! Can you believe they are only fifteen years old?!

I became connected with Carly and Martina quite sometime ago online, I believe we connected first on Twitter. Their material had a strong gravitational pull with it, as soon as I heard their tunes I was a fan. However, when I began to speak with them and knew more about them I realized how talented they really are. Wait, not just talented, but they are also extremely passionate, their focus is solely on their music, and striving to inspire as many youths as they can.

I am so proud to have them part of the BUHeroes Program as they surely are an amazing representation of the intent with BUHeroes. They have the similar interest in inspiration, and I genuinely appreciate how they respond to their fans, they respect them. Carly and Martina are amazing sources of inspiration, thus I ask you to please follow them on social media, you can them under their names, Carly and Martina. You can also support them via their website, which is shared below:

I wished to thank Carly and Martina for all their support, compassion, and sharing their talent with the world. I appreciate all you have done for Boddyguards United, and how you support us tremendously. I also want to say to keep up the amazing work, and we will forever be a supporter of you.

Thank you Carly and Martina.

Dave Matthew Boddy