BUHeroes Inspiration: Job Labels do NOT warrant disrespect.

Contrary to what many believe, your job label does not warrant you disrespecting someone else who is labelled a job below you. There is a very common issue with this happening to many around the world. And it begins with this instinctive response that a job title determines respect. For example, how many of you have had the situation where you were told to always smile and be nice to someone, and more so with someone who is a manager?

It happens all the time, for some reason there is this expectation that a job title determines when someone is deserving of MORE respect than others. The truth of the matter is this, a job title should NEVER determine the level of respect someone receives. We need to respect the janitor equally as we do the CEO, and anyone with a humble and kind mindset would never allow someone else to respect them MORE than another person due to their job title. It is a common issue where people who are promoted to management garner this mentality they deserve more respect.

I hate to bring the truth to them as it WILL offend them, however, here it is: you are no better than anyone else, you have strengths and you have weaknesses, and you are not someone who deserves to be idolized, respected yes, idolized no. If you feel the need to demand or expect more support from someone due to your job title, you need to understand that those who demand respect generally do not deserve it.

We are all equal when it comes to general respect from others, until we do something or say something that allows us to lose respect. When I am told or when I hear someone told, “that is the big boss, just smile and show her lots of respect and you will be fine” is part of the HUGE problem we have in society, as we have allowed ourselves to separate one another due to job titles, so much so a janitor is often looked at as a failure, and a CEO is looked at as the most successful and deserving more respect than others, wrong!

Respect needs to be determined by the person themselves, and this means YOU decide the level of respect another DESERVES. Maybe you do feel this person deserves tons of respect, and this is your right. However, you or I do not have the right to tell someone how much respect someone deserves, allow that person determine that themselves. Maybe this person will disrespect the person you know, and not disrespect you. We need less in this society of people dictating others respect for others.

Respect needs to be earned from us and not from someone else. There is a reason why this predetermined expectation of respect is counterproductive, and that it is not organic, anything that is forced does not have a permanent positive result, soon enough their is hostility and regret. The only way we will have unity among the human race is by eliminating dictated respect. This process begins when we allow one another the freedom of choosing respect for others ourselves.

We do this with how others treat us, whether if they are a janitor or a CEO, it does not matter. You do NOT have to accept or tolerate someone else disrespecting you, and this also means when they are a different job title than you. Know your rights, and know how you deserve to be treated, and always remember, you deserve what you give.