BUHeroes Inspiration: Kira Taylor

I first heard about Kira Taylor many years ago through a mutual friend, I was informed of what she was struggling through with Cystic Fibrosis, and her history with bullying. When I heard what she had went through, and how she was a known Cystic Fibrosis Warrior, I knew I needed to speak with her, and ASAP.

I was able to come into contact with her through the mutual friend, and I was so happy I did, as I soon learned how amazing she is. We began to discuss her past issues with bullying, and more. I began to share with her what I went through, and soon enough we began discussing Boddyguards United, and without hesitation Kira and her family agreed to allow her to join. At this time I was also mentoring youths, and I became a mentor to Kira, and I even had her on my old interview series, “the Autopsy with Dave Matthew Boddy” where she shared her story (linked below).

Kira and I became very close friends, and we would speak quite often on social media where I would offer her advice, and believe it or not she taught me many lessons as well. For example, she informed me how to be grateful for life, and great health. Being she has Cystic Fibrosis some days can be quite challenging for her, and she reminded me through her positive attitude regardless of how bad her day was, to remain grateful.

I am still very close with her and her family, and I need them all to know Kira has inspired me greatly. She has mentored me in many ways, and I need her to know that she is someone very special to me, and she will always be one of the original BUHeroes.

Thank you so much Kira for being as amazing as you really are! You are such an amazing inspiration, and it shows with your songs. Kira on top of being a Cystic Fibrosis Warrior, anti-bullying advocate, a member of Free2LUV, she is also a great songwriter ad singer, linked below is a video of hers:

Keep it up Kira, keep up being an inspiration! Thank you so much for being an original BUHero all these years, much love to you as always!

Thank you.

Dave Matthew Boddy