BUHeroes Inspiration: Lateesha Vaillancourt


Lateesha has become an amazing nutritionist due to overcoming her personal struggle with health. She has made it her mission to inspire fellow youths around the world through adding value with proper nutrition advice, supportive content, inspirational videos, recipes, and so much more valuable content on her Facebook Page.

Lateesha and I connected through a mutual friend of ours, and since then have developed a great friendship. Lateesha is one of the most genuine, honest, compassionate, and passionate people I have the pleasure of knowing. She has invested so much time in garnering education in regards to health and fitness. She has this strong focus due to understanding first hand that proper health is achievable with a strong mindset.

Lateesha is also becoming a well respected public speaker, and she has been requested to speak at an upcoming event about being a young entrepreneur, and overcoming frustration.

I am very proud of Lateesha and all that she has accomplished, she has inspired me to focus more on proper nutrition and fitness. I felt motivated to induct her as a BUHero due to her strong passion towards supporting others. Lateesha is legitimately an amazing source of inspiration. I cannot wait to support Lateesha with a platform to allow her to inspire youths around the world, and I know she loves any opportunity to inspire.

I am honored to have Lateesha not only as a BUHero, however, also as a very close friend. To know how much Lateesha overcame to become who she is now is an inspiration in itself.

I wished to thank Lateesha for being an amazing source of inspiration not only for me, however, also for fellow BUHeroes. I appreciate and value you tremendously Lateesha.

Thank you!

Dave Matthew Boddy

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