BUHeroes Inspiration: Maci Wood

I became a fan of Maci’s when I was going through InstaGram and I came across her page, it was a “suggested page” under the search tab. I visited her page and begun viewing her content, and the first thing I noticed was her positive energy, I then noticed she was a performer with, “MiniPop Kids”. I had no idea who these amazing youths were at first, however, I then viewed some of their content, and I became a fan immediately due to the amount of passion they all had for music, and inspiring youths around the world.

I started to follow Maci’s solo content, and I realized how much talent she truly had. I could tell she has a huge passion and attraction with singing and performing. I made it a mission to not only view her content, but to also read the comments youths were leaving on her content. This is where I realized how much she was affecting youths around the world in a positive way. I knew then I needed to contact her and invite her to become a BUHero.

Maci showed excitement with my approach, and I asked her if she would love more information about the program, and she agreed. I then sent her the three articles I send to all the youths who are now BUHeroes. Maci responded that she was very excited and wanted to join the BUHeroes Community. I was beyond excited to invite her on board.

When I officially announced her I saw just how excited she was, and how excited she still is to be part of BUHeroes, we appreciate and value her tremendously. I needed to know how hard Maci worked to become a MiniPop Kids performer, and I was blown away with what she had to overcome to be invited as a member.

I asked Maci about the process it took for her to become a MiniPop Kids performer, and her answer astonished me. She had to audition for the role, and there was over 600 youths who auditioned for the role, over 600! Maci had to audition alongside 599 youths for the role. She was very excited, and she went into the auditions with great confidence, and just overall enjoyed the experience.

Then came the time where they would cut many of the youths, and would only keep a certain amount to carry on. Out of the 600 youths who auditioned they only picked three youths! Maci was one of the three youths picked. This to me was an inspiring story as she overcame so much to achieve her dream, and she did it with focusing on the worth of her dream, and she knew she was worth the opportunity.

Maci overcame such a difficult (and likely stressful) experience to achieve her dream of being a MiniPop Kids performer! I am beyond proud of Maci, as she showed through her hard work and determination that dreams can come true, and it does not matter on your age. All that matters is your rise up to the challenge, and you work as hard as you can, below is a video where you can see Maci with MiniPop Kids. (You will also see NEW BUHero Izzy in the video!):

I am so proud of Maci, and she needs to know how much she has inspired me, and many other youths to NEVER quit, but to RISE UP! Maci, you are absolutely amazing, and I am very honored to have you as a BUHero, and I know you will surely inspire many! Keep up the amazing work, you have my support 100%, and you have the entire Boddyguards United community to support you.

Thank you!

Dave Matthew Boddy

“Boddyguards United, where the YOUTHS are the HEROES!”

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