BUHeroes Inspiration: Madison Batten

“Hi, I’m Madison, I’m 12 years old, and this is my story on being bullied. For years now I was bullied up to until I turned twelve. It all started in Kindergarten, in grade one it became worse, as I was called names like “fat, too big for your age, and ugly”.

Second grade seemed to be an okay year,as there was no bullying, I met only nice people. Third grade was okay, until one day I had to switch schools because I lived in a different county. My class threw a goodbye party for me, and I was very thankful for that.

Fourth grade came, and all the mean girls started to see me as a target for bullying, I was not accepted to sit with the girls, so I sat with the teacher instead. For over half the year I was called bad names like, “worthless, fatty” and more. I developed a mindset where I felt I did not belong, and I accepted that I had no friends. Although, I had one real amazing friend, and her name is Jocelyn. Jocelyn was always there for me when I needed someone. I garnered the support from my guidance counselor, thankfully helped me out a lot.

Fifth grade may have been the worse year of my life, not only did I have many mean bullies, I also had a mean teacher. The kids wouldn’t really talk to me, they would talk to only one person, and she was the so called “popular girl”. She would say stuff like, “bushy eyebrow” to me, and even make comments about my weight. This all came down to depression and suicidal thoughts one day at school. I drove a pencil into my arm (not through skin though) because the teacher had an outburst, and made it seem like it was our fault for her getting this job.

I had enough audio recorded on the the teacher, and the mean youths, and with this evidence I reported it to the school board. She was fired, but they didn’t have any substitutes and she stayed the rest of the year.

My message to you is, don’t let people who don’t believe in you let you down, you do great accomplishments in life, and just believe in you and your family and friends.” — Madison

I first met Madison on Instagram, and I am so glad I did. When I heard about her struggles with bullying and depression, I knew I needed to reach out to her and support her the best I could. I felt the first step was making her aware of Boddyguards United, and the BUHeroes Group. Madison was very receptive with the information and purpose with Boddyguards United, and we were able to add her to the BUHeroes Group that same day.

I learned with speaking with Madison that she has set the goal to pursue her dream with acting. Her dream is to be an actress, and it is a dream I feel she surely could accomplish as her work ethic is above average, and she has the mindset that allows her to not even consider the option of quitting.

I have also learned that Madison is very compassionate and supportive of fellow youths. These are two amazing traits to have as a BUHero. Madison has also taken the liberty to inform of us youths she feels would be ideal for the BUHeroes Group, for this I am very proud of her. Madison has the natural instinct to support and care for others, and she does so all while pursuing her personal goals.

Madison you overcame so much, and now you are one of the strongest, and the most resilient youths I have met. I admire your strength and your focus on supporting youths around you, you have inspired me and added great value to the community of Boddyguards United.

Thank you.

Dave Matthew Boddy