BUHeroes Inspiration: Ria Jade

Ria Jade is an amazing inspiration due to overcoming serious incidents in regards to bullying, such serious levels that it has developed anxiety and panic attacks. Ria overcame through pursuing her love for singing and songwriting, when Ria is on stage she is truly free, and where she deserves to be.

Ria has also become a well known advocate for the LGBTQ community, and she is also known for her advocacy for mental health awareness. Ria is a tremendous source of inspiration for youths around the world, and I am thrilled to have her part of the BUHeroes Community.

Ria has made it her mission to inspire as many as she can around the world, overcoming all she did allowed her to develop this strong mindset that compassion for all is the key. Ria now strives to inspire youths around the world as an inducted BUHero. I am beyond proud of Ria for all her past accomplishments, and for all her accomplishments soon to come.

Ria is going to be an amazing BUHero as she has similar focus with unity, inspiration, and empowerment. I strongly feel Ria deserves all the respect and support she has garnered thus far, and she is surely worth even more.

I wished to personally thank you Ria for everything you have done for youths already, and I wished to inform you that you have inspired me greatly. I look forward to your involvement with the BUHeroes Community, and I genuinely feel you are an amazing source of inspiration for youths around the world. I see you as someone who is not only strong and resilient, however, also someone who is genuinely compassionate for others.

I welcome you to the Boddyguards United Community, and I am always here for you and your family.

Thank you.

Dave Matthew Boddy

“Boddyguards United, where the YOUTHS are the HEROES! We strive to add value to youths around the world through unity, inspiration, and empowerment.”

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