BUHeroes Inspiration: Success is NOT easy, it is earned.

One of the leading reasons to why many find themselves deterred from garnering success is due to the amount of work required. It is simple to have an idea, what is difficult is committing to daily effort and execution to propel towards the end result, which is success.

We are in a society that is driven by convenience and instant results, and due to this mental conditioning we expect all happenings in our life to be instant, and this is just unrealistic. The reality is success is not easy, it is earned. This means that in order for success to show up, first you need to show up. You need to put in the work on a consistent basis, the common choice is committing to the process for a couple weeks, and once you realize there is no immediate benefits people tend to quit, and when they quit they invest time in making up excuses, if only they use that time to invest in REASONS on why they NEED to continue, they would be that much closer to success.

Success is NEVER instant, it is a result of consistent effort and focus. I could give some fancy quotes and words, however, the truth is, it is all reliant on execution of daily effort. This is why in order for success to become a possibility you need to be COMMITTED and not just INTERESTED. Having interest in something is only the beginning, as soon as you realize you have interest in something you need to study it, research it, and become educated on it. Interest does not warrant arrogance, and this means that being interested in something does not make you an expert on something, or just because you have talent does not mean you are guaranteed success.

To be completely honest with you, I will always bet on someone who works hard and trains harder as opposed to someone who is talented. There are so many individuals who are talented and are not successful, they relied too much on their talent and arrogantly assumed their talent will propel them forward. Talent is like a muscle, it needs to be trained, and it needs to be maintained, believe it or not, but without consistent practice and focus you can lose talent. Talent is not a guarantee to success, consistent effort and execution is.

There is no shortcuts to success, and those who try to find the shortcuts are the ones wasting time. There is a process towards success, and it needs to be loved. The process is very intimidating, within this process is failures, risks, fears, worries, hard work, and smiles. That is right, even with all the negative mentions there is the smiles. You need to love the process MORE than the end result. The process should be exciting and fulfilling as you are on the journey towards your success. The process intimidates as we are mentally conditioned to settle, and we are mentally conditioned to follow the generic blueprint of success. We are mentally conditioned to be a duplicate, and when it comes time for us to pursue our dreams we are intimidated, why? We fear being judged and ridiculed.

Those who judge and belittle others who are on the journey towards their success, are the very people who refuse to pursue their dreams. They see your pursuit as arrogance and as stupidity, and some see it as a journey to failure. Their results and their life is NOT a guarantee for you, however, you have the power to choose just as they did, or you can remain focused on the end result, your success.

It all begins when you realize it won’t be an easy journey, and once you become aware of this you rely on your internal drive and passion. What is there to lose? You will end up living life without a dream and settling for a job or career you hate? Perhaps, however, majority of us are already living this way. You know what the guarantee is when you quit, however, do you know the result when you pursue? You won’t know that until you begin the process, and it is arrogant to try and claim you know the result and then as a result quit, or choose to not even begin.

Do not fear the journey, fear knowing you will spend your life watching many others pursue their journey and garner success, and then you will become jealous and bitter. The pursuit of success is natural, we know how it feels to accomplish something, even the smallest accomplishment offers a boost of happiness. Imagine how many experiences you will have with boosted happiness on your pursuit to your dream, ignore the fears and focus on this.

Focus on accomplishments, focus on boosted happiness, and focus on where you want to be as opposed to fearing where you don’t feel you can be. Success is an opportunity for all of us, however, it is an opportunity we need to create as a possibility, and we do this through consistent effort and execution. This is how success is earned.

This constant mindset many have where they feel entitled to success needs to be pushed away, as it is the leading reason for personal sabotage. You are NOT entitled to success, it is not a guarantee for everyone. It is an opportunity for everyone WHEN they create it with consistent effort and execution. If you honestly feel you can remain seated and success will just come to you, you are absolutely delusional. It will never happen. This is the problem we have in our society now, we have many who feel entitled and that the world owes them.

Enough with this mentality, it has never brought you success yet, and it never will. You need to show up, and you need to show WHY you want this, and you need to PROVE you do, and you do so with consistent effort and execution. Passion is the BEST conviction for support when it is actively pursued, when others see you working hard and contributing daily, they will be enticed with supporting you, and you most likely will inspire them.

The time is yesterday when you needed to choose effort and execution over entitlement. Yesterday was when you should have begun your journey, and this day known as “someday” is really an attempt to prolong the process, just be honest, when you use the term “someday” you actually mean never. We all know that now, it does not work anymore. It actually has never worked.

Begin the process today, do not fear the process, embrace it. This process is what you NEED to do to garner your success, there is no shortcuts, there is no handouts, and there is no freebies. With this process all there is is passion, effort, execution, and commitment, that is all. There is no mention of entitlement anywhere as it is not relevant. As soon as you mention “I am entitled to my success” you have already missed the point, and you will only allow permanent failure or a reason for you to quit.

It is time to accept the truth, and that is that success is not easy, it is earned.