BUHeroes Inspiration: You Wake Up a Winner.

When you realize the statistic is that every 40 seconds around the world someone is losing their life, is when you realize how waking up every morning needs to be seen as a win. When there are that many people daily losing their lives, it has to be an eye-opener to how grateful you should be to be given another day of opportunity.

One of the best remedies to feeling down is being aware of what you are grateful for. Now, this is not to suggest that this is the key to overcoming depression, as depression is something that is very real and dangerous, and if you are showing signs of depression I encourage you to find assistance ASAP.

When I was in brain injury rehab I was taught a lot about how the feeling of gratitude can truly adjust your mentality drastically towards the positive. Every single one of us is facing a battle, and these battles vary with every experience. However, the one thing that remains universal for us all is these battles can be overcome.

And one of the best ways to begin the day on a positive note is to wake up aware of how much opportunity you have. Waking up is already a win, and that is the truth. Being I have lost nine close friends and many more have lost loved ones as well, you tend to have a strong view on life being very fragile and something never to be taken advantage of. I wake up every morning feeling like a winner, and because I am aware of the opportunity I am given again I vowed to never allow a day to go to waste.

“Every morning you wake up is a day closer to when you won’t.” I know this statement is very dark and brash, however, I strive to help as many as I can to understand the value of their lives, and how being grateful for their opportunity is a key towards success.

“The best way to show you are grateful to be alive, is to create a better day and to grow within self-development daily.” We need to truly understand the value we have waking up everyday we do. As soon as we realize how urgent this mentality is, is when we unlock the greatest motivation we need, and that is we woke up.

We won, what is the prize or the award? Another day to not allow to go to waste, and another day we have opportunity to pursue our dreams and live our passion. That is the key to waking up a winner, it allows you the boost you need daily to begin a very productive day.

It is all about momentum, once you wake up feeling amazing as you realize you won again, the key is to maintain the positive momentum. The key is to allow yourself to remain within this mindset, “I am a winner.”

The day moves forward and we need to move along with it, we only receive 24 hours in a day, and we need to ensure every minute is accounted for and is used to help us propel forward. Time does not take breaks, it does not wait for when you are ready, time is consistently moving forward. And anytime we are given we need to move along with it. Life is all about action, it is all about spending everyday committing to action. Life is all about movement, and it is all about propelling forward.

Waking up a winner allows you to understand this on the daily. Waking up in a angry or saddened mood is common for so many of us, and it is due to a feeling of something or someone missing, and it is up to us to find that way to keep moving forward. I do not want to tell you what to do or how you should live your life, I only want to help you understand the worth and the value your life holds, and with understanding this you disallow yourself to waste your opportunity.

I look back on my life and I realize one of the most painful feelings is regret. I look at my life and I realize as of this writing I am 31 years old. I am not getting any younger, and here I was for over 16 years battling depression, 15 concussions, suicide 3 times, and living a life where I always found something to complain about as opposed to everything to be thankful for. I regret this. Tremendously.

I understand now how valuable not only my life is, however, all of our lives. We need to wake up feeling like winners, as that is truly what we are. We have won. We are given yet ANOTHER opportunity to live our life, to spend time with our loved ones, to hangout with our best of best friends, to eat our favorite food, to go see that movie we want to see, to go to the gym, to truly work on becoming a better version of who we were yesterday.

We are winners, and it is time we act like it everyday. It is time we show we are grateful to be given yet another chance. It begins with keeping the momentum we are winners.