BUHeroes Tribute: Ryan Perez

Ryan Perez has been a fundamental part of the foundation for Boddyguards United and BUHeroes Live, the truth of the matter is this organization had grown to where it has due to his belief, trust, support, and recently a $10,000 sponsorship for Boddyguards United.

Ryan was the creator of the original three Boddyguards United logos, he was the creator behind the original Boddyguards United website, and he was the creator of the BUHeroes concept after seeing the logo BUHero Morgan drew for me. Ryan has been an amazing contributor, supporter, co-creator, and partner for Boddyguards United and BUHeroes Live.

Ryan sees how Boddyguards United is a huge benefit for the community, and ever since day one he has had the utmost belief in how Boddyguards United WILL become the number one source of inspiration for youths. The truth of the matter is this, this all started out as an online community known as, “Boddyguards Against Bullying Foundation”. Ryan approached me and offered his services to help plan a live event for the foundation, and while we were meeting he came up with the name, “Boddyguards United” for the event. Soon thereafter the name was changed officially to Boddyguards United.

Ryan was the creator of the graphics, font, logo, poster, tickets, and more for the first Boddyguards United event which was in April of 2014. Without Ryan Boddyguards United would not see the amount of success it sees today. Please, I ask that you thank Ryan Perez for all his support. Ryan is as much a part of Boddyguards United as I am, and at times I feel he is more due to his amazing contributions, and his constant belief of our success.

The way you have supported us through your companies Bowtie Kreative and Wonderful Wizard Entertainment will never go unnoticed. We are genuinely thankful for all you have done, you have helped me take this from a dream into reality. Thank you.

Thank you Ryan Perez for all you have done, all you still do, and all you have offered to do. Thank you for the belief in the BUHeroes, and for Boddyguards United as a whole. Thank you for creating a platform to allow us to support the youths in our communities.

Ryan, thank you for everything.