The BUHeroes Community and BUHeroes LIVE Official Anthem.

We are beyond excited to use “Hearts Crown” as the OFFICIAL anthem for the BUHeroes Community and BUHeroes LIVE! The song is written and produced by Reece Nagra and BabyCamp Records. The song is performed by BUHero Anais Jessica Berinde.

When you listen to the song and you hear the lyrics without hesitation you feel empowered, and the way Anais performs the hit single is tremendous. The lyrics represent what the BUHeroes Community preaches about, and the song focuses on what embodies a BUHero. The song focuses on inspiration, empowerment, and finding your internal hero. “Hearts Crown” is a natural fit with the BUHeroes Community, and it is amazing that a BUHero performs it, this makes the song more sentimental to the BUHeroes Community.

If you are not following Anais on social media, iTunes, YouTube, or Spotify, you are missing out! Anais is a youth who has a tremendous future ahead of her as she has a work ethic that benefits her progression very well. With school, acting, singing, and sports her schedule is always booked solid. Her tenacity towards her goals and dream in itself is inspiring. Anais has also overcome bullying through the power of her focus, Anais is a focused youth and disallows anyone to slow her down.

Have you ever tried to stop someone who is genuinely focused? It is not an easy task, and it is highly encouraged you do not try and slow them down, however, it is best to be inspired by their commitment, and I am can honestly say I am inspired daily by Anais. Due to how inspirational Anais is I knew I had to allow her a platform to reach youths globally, and that is what is so great with having the song she performs heard on Teens of America Radio Network.

“Hearts Crown” has the potential to reach over 100,000+ listeners every week from over 26 countries! Anais, you truly deserve this opportunity. I value you so much not only as a BUHero, however, also as a close friend of mine. “Hearts Crown” is such an amazing song and the world needs to hear it and see the video. Do you have any idea how many youths “Hearts Crown” can inspire? It is truly capable of that, and I vow to help you inspire youths everywhere around the world.

Teens of America Radio Network values the song tremendously, and they also cannot wait to have “Hearts Crown” premier on their network! You deserve all this support, and I promise you there is more announcements and opportunities coming up in the near future.

I am very proud to have “Hearts Crown” as the official BUHeroes Anthem! Thank you so much Reece and Anais!