Wednesday BUHeroes Takeover Q&A’s

I am proud to announce a NEW feature for The BUHeroes Community Instagram profile! EVERY Wednesday is dedicated to a NEW BUHero for a open Q&A. I am bringing this new feature to Instagram as it is the BEST platform to host these events.

The reason for this new feature is to help the community better understand the BUHeroes. The intent with these Q&A’s is to allow YOU to ask them anything with intent to know them more. The BUHeroes Community is a community that is very close, and we love getting to know one another.

The way this works:

I will post the official BUHero Q&A photo on Wednesday mornings, this picture will be the ONLY post on Instagram on Wednesdays. If you wish to ask a question you post it as a comment on the BUHero Q&A photo, and the BUHero of that day will answer it personally from their own account. The post will never be deleted, therefore, this allows the BUHero an entire day to engage and interact!

I will announce the next BUHero EVERY Thursday morning. I am very excited for this new feature as the BUHeroes Community is all about the youths! This is such an amazing opportunity for the BUHero(es) to inspire the community, therefore, I ask for you to participate as much as you can. Every Wednesday there will be a new BUHero to engage with, and I am super pumped to announce the next one on Thursdays!

** The BUHeroes Community Ambassadors WILL also be involved with the takeovers as well!**

Thank you for all the support for the BUHeroes Community, we are all very thankful!

INSTAGRAM PROFILE: @the_buheroes_community