To new beginnings

Week 3 — Classes. Init methods. PyCharm. Type specifications. Turtles?

The transition between 108 and 148 was anything but subtle. Granted that no topic is new or unseen to me prior to the last couple of weeks, but why classes? The one thing that was seldom discussed or explained during the days leading into the 108 exam.

Perhaps it might help if I’m slightly more proactive about reviewing my understanding of topics discussed in class. The lab seems very useful for reviewing things, but I get the sense that not too many other students are happy about wanting to have to share and discuss their thoughts on completing the labs. I would love to discuss my ideas but it’s generally just shy of anything worth sharing with my neighbour. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way, nor the only one that still can’t write unit-tests, but, here’s to my coding journey. Here’s to new beginnings.