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Drama queen! What a terrible review. There are many points to argue for and against Postmates, and you missed just about all of them. An in person session is hands down a much better way to communicate than a previously recordered video. It also tells me as the community manager that you passed the first test of being time sensitive by showing up for something on time. (you’d be amazed how many people can’t do this at all) FroYo is like any other job on the platform, Don’t like it, don’t deliver it, it’s that simple. But if you're excessively picky over what YOU like to deliver versus what your CUSTOMER actually wants you to deliver, than this probably isn’t the industry for you. Now if Postmates would pay more per job, adjust for gas inflation (which they haven’t in two years) and pay for pick up time, then I wouldn’t have any complaints. Adding more tasks for us like ordering the food and having to wait for restaurants to cook it, is unacceptable, disrespectful of the drivers time, and those deliveries are usually refused. Time is money and Postmates and their customer is well aware of this because there are large fees for time being charged that a driver never see’s the profit from. If i wanted to be a waiter relying on just my tips to survive, I would work at one of the restaurants I deliver for. The other is the sneaky changes to the app itself, like taking away the ability to see where you’re dropping off before accepting a job. Or letting you know if its a job you're expected to order yourself and wait excessively with out pay for. Otherwise until those items are addressed it is practically smartphone slave labor. BUT there are things you can do to combat these greedy annoyances. Like, don’t close out your last job for a little while. It will pend for awhile and then eventually you either end it or it will end on its own and you’ll get a huge payout. If the reminders to close the job get annoying, just rip the battery out of your phone for a lil while. (or power down your iphone). For No Payment orders, Start drop offs the second you get to the pickup location, don’t wait until the food is ready. The drop off is the route when you start getting paid for your time. So every second counts. You can’t do this for payment orders because you can’t check off everything until its paid for. If you check off before the merchant swipes your card, it will get declined. Uncheck and try again. Hot zones….go to one, park, enjoy a coffee or sandwich while you wait in or near your car for the next order. It does depend on how many drivers there are out there but use your instincts. Look at the map versus current traffic and time of day, so don’t just go to a hotzone blindly, predict how large and expansive that hotzone could potentially be in fifteen or twenty minutes and be ready to move in that direction asap. Get a taxi light that says Postmates. You can get a plain LED one on Amazon and use stencil letters. (don’t use blue or red or the police will have a problem with this!) I can’t tell you how many times i drove into a cold area for one order and then started getting more and more in the same neighborhood, especially along the route i’ve been driving. Word spreads fast with a lit sign driving around and helps your customer see you when you’re arriving. Hotzones are like catching a wave, you have to be ahead of the curve to catch on. That’s about it in a nutshell. Happy trails out there, and drive SAFE! :-D