‘The Grind Hours Podcast’: Lebron to L.A?

If you haven’t listened to my podcasts before; here is a small conversation from episode 18 with recurring guest Dayton Brown of the Ripcityproject and the whodatdish.

Joe Leo: “Paul George wants to play in L.A; he has been very vocal about playing in L.A. And, they have a top 3 pick this year. Which everyone thinks it’s going to be Lonzo Ball, will remain to be seen. But that year if the trade does happen, the hypothetical off the hypothetical would be Paul George plays for the Cavs for a year, they do whatever they do. Maybe they win a championship, maybe they don’t. but, Paul George could be whispering in Lebron’s ear the entire year ‘hey come with me to L.A. and play with Lonzo, Russell, Randle, all… a young core with you and me, and go at the Warriors for a couple of years before you retire.’

Lebron has a production company out in L.A, he has a house in L.A. It might not be the Banana Boat that he has been dreaming about, but it could be like when he came back to Cleveland with Kyrie, the number pick as a trade piece to get Kevin Love. It would be very interesting to see him in L.A.”

Dayton Brown: “Yeah that would be crazy if that happened in the NBA. But, you know me, I’m a Blazers fan… but I would route for that Laker team occasionally when they weren’t playing for the Blazers. I would love to watch that team. but there are two problems with that scenario. The Cavs would have to swing that deal. Even though Paul George is on an expiring contract I don’t think Indiana would go Paul George for Kevin Love straight up. Cleveland would have to sweeten that deal a little bit. Now, that’s no disrespect to Kevin Love, that’s just a lot of praise for Paul George and how much he means to that team. but Kevin is a very important player for Cleveland, and they would have to find someone to replace him. But Paul George on that team would be incredible — assuming he plays the Shooting guard position, and you have Kyrie, Paul George, and Lebron as your three-headed monster upfront.”

JL: “You could also but Tristen Thompson at the five, put Lebron at the four, Paul George at the three, have Kyrie and J.R. or Kyrie and Shumpert in your back court, that is an incredible small five that you could put out there.”

DB: “That could work. And if you’re Cleveland I would think about trading Tristen Thompson as well. He has a monster contract and you get some pretty good players back, freeing up some cap space. With the potential to sign a couple good players to help fill out your team. They are going to have to combat Golden State either way. But getting back to the scenario, my other bump in the road with Lebron going to L.A. I don’t think Lebron ever could…”

This is just a sample of the podcast, and it has been shortened for transcribing purposes. You can listen to the entire podcast here.