The Sean Marks plan

Fresh Start_321: Nets acquire Carroll and a 1st round pick

Last night; the Brooklyn Nets traded Justin Hamilton to Toronto for DeMarre Carroll, Toronto’s 2018 1st round selection, and Toronto’s 2018 2nd round selection. Carroll is owed $30 Million over the next two years, and is just another veteran contract that Sean Marks is willing to take on.

NBA Twitter might not like this trade, but I actually love the trade. You get a guy who has been in multiple playoff runs over the past few years, who happened to average 8.9 points, 3.8 rebounds, and a steal per game last season. The Nets also bring themselves back into the 1st round with Toronto’s mid-1st selection. Toronto replaces Patrick Patterson with the 7-footer Justin Hamilton who averaged 6.9 points and 4.1 rebounds for the Nets last season. For Brooklyn to pull this off, the offer sheet for Otto Porter is just an afterthought.

But, if you look at the Nets payroll — the Nets will dish out a ton of money over the next 2–3 years. They owe Mozgov $47.9 Million over the next three years, Carroll is getting the aforementioned $30 Million, Jeremy Lin is getting $12 Million this year with a player option after the season, and D’Angelo Russell is getting $5.5 Million this year with a club option for next year. Mozgov might get a buyout sometime before the start of the 2019–20 season because of what the Nets will have in assets and cap space.

Even though the 1st round selection from Toronto isn’t a lottery pick, it’s still a first round pick that could bring another piece to Brooklyn and furthering this rebuild. 2019 will be the year that the Nets will hopefully have a lottery pick and a full wallet full of cash to give to some of the top free agents.

If I was Sean Marks I would be taking on these contracts for this season, try to compete with the vets to ruin the lottery pick for Boston, let the contracts run out or buyout guys like Mozgov, Lin, and Carroll. Rebuild around Russell by picking up his club option and truly hand him the keys in 2019 with the lottery pick, ultimately hoping that is enough to attract guys like Klay Thompson, Russell Westbrook, or even Lebron James (a fan can dream).

This rebuild may not be the complete “Trust the Process” rebuild that Sam Hinkie implemented in Philadelphia but at least Sean Marks is showing glimpses of having a plan for Brooklyn. So, as a fan base, endure the hard times and just hope that the process that Marks is mapping out pays off.


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