Contribute to The Beam: the Guidelines

Are you a leading voice in pushing the world towards a zero carbon economy, cleantech and sustainability? Contact us to feature your story in our next edition!

At The Beam, we’re always looking for pitches that feature inspiring solutions to move towards a zero carbon economy.

Our definition of a solution is broad. Whether you are specialised in the future of mobility, microgrids, clean cooking, wind or solar energy, environmental migration, divestment, circular economy, sustainable clothing and food, do not hesitate to contact us with your idea to feature your projects in The Beam.

We created The Beam three years ago with the idea that we could help any organisation communicate better around their projects. International organisations, local associations, global corporates and newly founded startups are all facing the same communications challenges, and we’re here to help. Newsletters and press releases are a thing of the past. We want to help you create a great opinion pieces that will inspire our readers and reach a broader number of influential people. Trust our team of journalist, PR specialist and designer, enjoy our network, and get on board now. Our editorial process is more thorough than many other publishers’, and you may be asked to do multiple rounds of revisions. Contributors frequently tell us that they appreciate the extra care and attention their work receives.

A few guidelines

Here are a couple of guidelines that you should be aware before pitching an idea to our editors. Studies and news are great, but please read our print magazine and website to get a sense of how our contributors strike a happy balance between the research, the news they want to feature, and the larger subject matter at hand. We do not publish press releases. Ever. Seriously. We want inspiring stories that feature solutions and people. If you have not written for us previously and are pitching an Opinion piece, a Story, or an Interview, please send either a full draft or a detailed write up outlining your article.


If you’d like to pitch to the print magazine, please think about what section of the magazine would be the best fit for your idea. Our sections include History, Future of Food, Sustainable Architecture, Circular Economy, Powering Africa, Energy Access, Countries in Transition, Microgrids, Community Power, Sustainable Fashion, Energy Storage, Blockchain, Future of Mobility (of course, we’re open to new ideas and categories!)

Stories and Opinion pieces are 800 to 1,500 words on solutions to move towards a zero carbon economy. We’re looking for sharp-eyed perspectives brimming with personal insight and “real people” stories. Recent features include an interview on environmental migration, a study showing that 100% renewables is a new cost-effective reality, a piece on the Brooklyn Microgrid project, a look at the community power movement in Japan and a story on the sustainable power of women.

As we receive more and more pitches for every new edition, we have to select the best ideas, the most inspiring solutions, and the stories that will bring the most knowledge to the readers. We might not be able to print your story on The Beam, or we may ask you to define a more interesting angle.

Always keep in mind that we are motivated by arming our readers with ideas that help them become smarter and more creative, and we do so by featuring the leading voices in pushing the world towards a zero carbon economy, cleantech and sustainability. If you are one of these voices, get in touch.


Our themes and categories are intended to be nonexclusive jumping-off points rather than limiting factors, and below we’ve included a few key words that may help along your fabulous brainstorms. We encourage you not to interpret the themes too literally. Furthermore, if you have an idea you think is right for us but that fits no theme, go ahead and pitch it anyway. Contact Anne-Sophie, our Editor-in-Chief, at

We will be accepting pitches for The Beam #10 issue until June 1st, 2019. Please be aware of strict print deadlines to give us plenty of time for the editing and design process.

The Beam is an independent publication that seeks to be a fresh, revitalising voice in the race to a zero carbon economy, but remember we strive for authenticity in our articles. We don’t publish pieces that have appeared elsewhere, or that come across as promotional. We ask our authors to disclose any financial relationships they have with companies cited in the proposed article. The Beam typically holds copyright on the finished product, but authors continue to own the underlying ideas in their articles.

How will your organisation be mentioned?

Below the title of the article, we always mention the author and the organisation’s name. At the end of the article, we’ll publish a bio of the author, where we can mention the organisation again. But that’s the only place where the organisation will be mentioned. The articles are opinion piece, not marketing placement.

If you would like to place a sponsored article in The Beam, that’s also possible, but that is a completely different process, and it would be a paid partnership. Contact us at for more information on sponsored content.

The Beam #10: The Local Heroes of the Energy Transition

Tackling climate change will require a deef transformation of our entire model. What we need is to engage in a full energy transition, and of course, this doesn’t come without challenges. We hear a lot about how to implement a just and fair energy transition that leaves no-one behind, but we want to look behind the words and talk to all the local heroes who are working on the field to contribute to this transition. We’re looking for reportage, analysis, and commentary that brings the hidden to the forefront. And remember, a good story always answer to a precise question. So when you pitch to us, let us know which question(s) you’ll be answering to in your piece.

Here are a few prompts:

  • Tell us stories of communities reinventing new ways to produce
  • Explore the energy solutions in diverse communities
  • Investigate the theme of entrepreneurship in communities newly connected to the grid
  • What have we learned from past experiences and what can we do better?

KEY WORDS: energy transition, grassroots movement, solutions, women, entrepreneurship, local, innovations, renewables, divestment, sustainable, future, opportunity, rural, investment, startup, revolution, people, planet.


We’re always looking for new illustrators and photographers to work with. We commission people with various styles appropriate for each individual article. Let us know your idea!

Contact Anne-Sophie, our Editor-in-Chief, at