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“When a dark future seems all but inevitable, hoping for better seems like setting yourself up to get hurt”, writes feminist author and journalist Laurie Penny in Bitch Doctrine. When it comes to climate change, we simply can not stop hoping for a better tomorrow and working on solutions to try to reverse the situation. And I should add here that it is not — and should never have been — about saving our ways of life.

Today, millions of women, indigenous communities, children, and low-income families across the world are already affected by the climate crisis. Biodiversity and the state of many ecosystems around the world are fully at risk with around one million animal and plant species threatened with extinction, many within decades. So yes, I know! Reading this, listening to the youth from the Fridays for Future movement, to the pacifist activists from Extinction Rebellion and especially to the scientists who have been working on this issue for decades, the future seems dark and it is frightening. But we are all responsible, and more than ever before: we all know that we are. Yet, in 2018 we produced more greenhouse gases than we ever had, at a rate three times that of population growth. …


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