The Worst Guys to Pitch To

This seems like an easy concept, right? No pitcher wants to face Trout, end of discussion. Wrong. Call me what you will, but I’d rather face Trout with the bases loaded than Tebow. Most of everyone who reads that will scoff and think I’m a drunk idiot for the statement (you’re not wrong). Bear with me here, but it’s the truth. Here’s the thing, people expect Trout to pull his dick out and piss on baseballs, which he does. Fans are used to seeing him fornicate pitchers careers ( ). So, when I give up a 450 foot piss-rod to Trout, I can’t really be blamed. It’s actually kind of expected.
On the other end of the spectrum though, there’s Tebow. Does the name John Kilichowski ring a bell for any of you? Here, let me remind you ‘Ol Johnny Boy will NEVER live that shit down. Timmy Teebs was fresh off the press with rumors that he’s just a side-show, so the pitchers will be safe to lay a couple dickballs in there. You thought, Johnny, you thought. Tebow pulled his bible out and shoved it down your throat. That one pitch has already defined his pitching career, you can’t live that shit down.

The worst guy to face in anything is the guy everyone expects to lose.
Let’s be honest, I’m sure Johnny Boy is a much more competent baseball player than Tebow. Too bad for Kilichowski, if he ever make it to the league I’m sure they’ll show the one pitch that already ruined his rep.