I was sitting with my bro when I read this, and asked him “Why does it bug men when women find…
Emma Lindsay

I can definitely relate to a lot of that — when I was younger, I’d see the instant attention that a woman got just for existing, and then see her get even more attention for dressing up a bit, and think “God, I want that, that would feel awesome.” I think everyone feels that but most of us grow out of it.

And to also echo what you said, the attention isn’t even that satisfying in the big picture. A lot of dudes with low self-esteem dream of feeling that instant attention that women receive, because they desperately want something to fill that emptiness.

So, in short, I think every dude feels that jealousy at some point, but for dudes with particularly low self-esteem (which is many dudes, actually), it grows from jealousy to true resentment and misogyny.

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