Top 5 Tourist Hot-Spots in Chile

Chile. You know, that long skinny country at the bottom of South America? You may not realize it, but that sliver of coastline is full of spectacular landscapes and exciting adventures. Think dazzling blue seas, sprawling cities, rolling deserts, towering mountains, and so much more. Maybe you’re planning a trip way down south, or perhaps Chile is just now catching your eye. Either way, it’s time to get Chile on your radar and experience its awe-inspiring wonders. To give you just a taste of what the country has to offer, here is a list of the Top 5 Destinations in Chile:

  1. Santiago

When flying in to Chile, you most likely will be landing in Santiago. Why not make the best of this stop and explore the city? Santiago is one of South America’s largest metropolis making it full of fun things to do. Be sure to check out San Cristóbol Hill for amazing views of the city, the Central Market for the freshest seafood around, and the Costanera Center — South America’s tallest building.

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