The Gadfly: How I became one of Britain’s most hated Muslims
Asghar Bukhari

You became one of the most hated muslims in Britain because of nothing other than you incessant whining, butt-hurt behaviour, and the conspiratorial idiocies that you’ve had the gaul to utter in public underpinned by the subdued (faint) hope that you will one day be immortalised as a man of courage in hindsight. You d***s need to wise up and be grateful to the country that has enabled you, and if you don’t have that decency within you, then leave to some Sharia-compliant backwater. Many of us have been hoping for an intelligent voice from within the community to represent us, like Mehdi & Maajid, not an imbecile like you that gives validation to those that look down on us. You’ve nothing of value to contribute.