A Culture Tour — Making Your Vacation One To Remember

Travelling is something that almost anyone can enjoy. Anyone can appreciate going on vacation and taking a break from work. However, it’s easy to find yourself saving money for months, just to spend a week in the sun.

I started to think; what alternatives are there to resorts or hotels and would it make a difference? Backpacking can be one, but also a bit extreme for people and costs the same price of many resorts. I mean, you can stay there longer… and you’d be in charge or your own trip, right? At least that’s what I think. Obviously this is completely from my perspective and it’s my personal opinion, but I’m writing this as someone who grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. In this article, I listed five ways anyone who’s travelling can increase their chances of getting more involved in different cultures and creating a more memorable vacation.

Exploring the Island

Hotels are beautiful but leave you trapped. You’ve traveled to a cultural hotbed but stay locked in a segregated bubble! There are obviously activities and beach chairs to relax in, and while that may be enough for some, others want to explore and experience more. For starters, if you just stepped outside of a hotel and looked around a bit, there’s so much for you to do. If you stay at a resort or hotel, you do not usually get to explore where you are staying and can miss out on culture. This can definitely have an effect on…

The Experience

Sure, hotels offer a wide varieties of activities but once again you are so secluded to a set space. Leaving where you are staying definitely adds a thrill and an interesting experience to your vacation. There’s only so many ways you can remember sitting by the water and having a drink, but when you leave your hotel you’ll never know where you’ll end up. Remember that outside of the resort or hotel, there is so many possible experiences for you to discover, which means sometimes it can be better to keep it local.Why do things locally though? Well of course, so you can talk to

The Locals

Meeting the locals where you stay might just be the most important point on this list even without an order. When you are staying at a resort, there is a barrier between you and the person assisting you. One reason why meeting the locals can be so important is because they are real people with real stories and you never know who you might come across. You might find yourself out of your comfort zone but once you meet a couple of people, you will definitely find it easier throughout your trip. By meeting people who live where you’re visiting, you’re bound to have some good laughs and stories to bring back home. The locals also offer something to you which hotels can’t which would be…

The Food

Now this one might be a bit tougher for the picky eaters, but try not to skip past this part. Hotels have a habit of offering foods to you that are so familiar that you’ll feel right at home. But that’s normal! When in doubt, you need to be able to eat something you can count on. However, why not try something new? Going out to a local restaurant can actually cover most of the points so far and here’s why! Exploring the island to find a restaurant can be a great time, the experience you get from it can be life lasting, you get to meet some locals. Finally, something great about local restaurants or anything local while on vacation would be

The Price

Don’t get me wrong, I love going to hotels. Sometimes they can be a lot of fun, with just getting away to relax and all. But sometimes they can be pretty expensive! Travelling while discovering things locally can save you money depending on where you’re heading, or better yet even if it were to cost the same you can put your money into activities. When you book a hotel you’re really paying for the service they will provide so your trip is sort of planned for you. I think there’s something great about being able to choose where your money is being spent and what you can do with your time. Obviously you don’t want to sleep on the streets, so some great alternatives could be Airbnb or even some hostels.

These are just five reasons why I would encourage people to explore a little bit of where they’re staying while on vacation. Of course you don’t have to go out of your way and explore every single time you go on vacation, this can definitely increase your chances of having a great getaway. What’s important is meeting real people with real stories, while being able to create memories that will last you a lifetime. With so many different places around the world, there are definitely a lot of different cultures to explore. By expanding your horizons while on vacation, you’re bound to have created memories and who knows, maybe some of the things you learn on that trip might be something you’ll end up taking back home with you.