The Bike Coin

The world is growing so fats and more and more new technologies are released. 
 But it take times for many countries and people to benefit from those technologies. Share bikes came out many years ago but just few people around the world are able to benefit from that. 
 And also there are some observations about the existing technology:

Different company use it own payment process

Different country implement different payments and technology

No motivation for users to ride even though it is cheap

Problem detection in bicycles is not efficient

Bicycles management system is still a mess.

Many people and cities across the world are willing to experience this new and efficient technologies. Why not contributing to the healthcare by BIKE. How can Bike Improve healthcare? By making a user getting some free coin while riding, it can created the desire to everyone with free time to ride a share bike.

The Bike is Complete Solution for the future of healthcare using the bike. Now you can Easily Finance Health Care worldwide using Cryptocurrency and most relevant APIs.

Our Goal

THBK (THE BIKE COIN) Will be Used to let Bicycles worldwide. Our gold is to bring the technology to more than 80 Countries.

BLOCKCHAIN and Wallet will be Issues and Coins will be released. The extra coins will be burn to make price stable.

Latest Bike secures system will be Issue. The Bike system use the most updates devises and systems to operate. Adding Blockchain will make it more efficient.

We have been hunting bike companies in most developed counties and attending seminar worldwide to provide this solution to improve healthcare world wide.