I’ve been using Linux as my primary computing operating system since the Ubuntu 11.04 days, and only in the past few years have I completely ridden myself of my dependence on Windows for gaming, thanks to projects like dxvk and Proton from Valve.

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But throughout my time as a Linux user, I’ve maintained a steady interest in Mac OS X, now called macOS, as an alternative to Windows that is “Unix-based” and has more software support.
Apple maintains itself as a strong competitor to Google for the education market, and practically donates hardware to schools. Throughout my elementary and junior high years, my school district was 100% Mac, despite the majority of schoolwork taking place on Firefox or Chrome. …

UPDATE 2020/05/02: SPARE PARTS https://twitter.com/thepine64/status/1256689488484589568 NOW AVAILABLE

UPDATE 2020/05/01: I started writing this review easily a months ago, and I haven’t touched my Pinebook Pro because I turned it into a Minecraft server, so anywhere you see a strikethrough is where I had updated the review.

Well, this has been an interesting ̶w̶e̶e̶k̶ month.

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Work is closed, school is online-only-instruction for the rest of term (but we’re heading into spring break), and I suddenly find myself with a LOT of time.

It’s a good thing the Pinebook Pro I ordered January 17th FINALLY came in!
According to the Pine64 support team, they had trouble transporting finished models from their factory in the Mainland to Hong Kong, where batteries are manufactured and shipped from. It would appear that last week, the Border Guards of both sovereign entities decided to open up shipments, and my Pinebook Pro started shipping last Friday. It arrived Monday, and I am finally able to enjoy this groundbreaking laptop, and talk to you about my experiences with it, and the many sacrifices you’ll need to make to use this laptop as a “daily driver”. …

The saga continues …

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Cool settings branding.

A quick backstory

I had planned on running Manjaro ARM on my brand-new Pinebook Pro, but due to some shipping issues (COVID-19), I’ve been waiting since the 19th of January for my device. I won’t blame Pine64 for the delay, since the Chinese government is absolute, and shipping between Hong Kong and the Mainland is difficult. All I will say is that is my thoughts are with those affected, and I will be patient.

Issues with Fedora

Anyways, because I won’t be getting my device anytime soon, I decided to switch to Manjaro this time, after using Fedora Linux religiously for over 2 years. There’s a few reasons for this, with the major one being defaults. By defaults, I don’t mean simple things like a desktop environment or some GTK theme, but rather more underlying system components, or systems that haven’t been properly integrated. …


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