My experience with Bloom-pregnancy and parenting network!

Molly Good

Molly is one of our most active users & has a written a small piece about the app.

I first discovered Bloom’s pregnancy application last summer when I first found out that I was pregnant with our third child. To be honest when I first came across the free download I just expected it to be like any other pregnancy application that is out there, offering the basic common sense information and nothing else.

However, I was incredibly wrong and I was wrong in a very amazing way. This application quickly became my go to tool every single day of my pregnancy. Offering features such as their discussion board where I was able to interact with other expecting or new moms that just offered support, answered the midnight questions or just to talk about our children that we already have as well as ones we were pregnant with.

This application let me connect with moms all over the world not just in my own country. This is one of the amazing features that I love about their application.

Other tools that they offer in their application is me being able to track my doctor appointments, any questions that I had to ask my doctor I was able to input so that I wouldn’t forget. Because let’s face reality making a note on paper I always forgot but having my phone on me I always had my list.

Also there is a contraction counter, and one of my favorite ones was the kick counter when my son Myles would kick me.

Now to go through all their amazing offers in their application I can literally list a lot but one of MY ultimate favorites is the Journal.

This part of the application I utilize tremendously because they make it so easy to use but also they make it so that I was able at any given point to extract it and email it to myself or share it on facebook. For me this was amazing because I literally journaled to my son my experiences every single day, every appointment, every feeling I had and every thought that I just wanted to share with him.

I look back at my journal and saw that months before we found out we were having a boy that I told him in my journal that I felt he was a boy and that is something that shows him I knew long before I was told. Every ultrasound I had I was able to share that in my journal and upload my ultrasound photos.

I could go on and on about what Bloom’s application meant to us but I can sum it up in this and this alone FAMILY. We not only felt as though we were family to the other users across the world but Bloom themselves made us apart of their family in responding to our posts and just being there all around.

They truly without a doubt care about their users and our families and for that alone is why I LOVE Bloom and will continue to use their products now and in the future.