If we really intend on pushing the paradigm, then why are we keeping to the status quo?

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3 min readDec 12, 2022

We have taken the term “Decentralization” way too seriously, and unless there are fundamental changes to the current economic system and the legislation that binds it together, there is no way to truly be decentralized in the first place. The one thing that we have not been doing is coming together to use our collective voices to lobby for the proper changes needed for the Web3 ecosystem and the players within to thrive.

Let’s take a step back for a moment and consider what decentralization really means. At its core it simply means self-sovereignty, having an exclusive choice of what to do with your body and your life; your own personal freedom to operate outside of the confines of a centralized system. How many of you though can operate 100% independently: and in how many facets of life? There is a reason why over the history of mankind that we have come together in communities, simply put, there is strength in numbers. It is through that basic concept; we have the collective voice to make a true difference in all our lives.

I once heard the opinion that Web3 is not a “Movement”, and well it’s not. It is a marketing buzzword that we have placed as a label on a mindset that has been simmering quietly on the proverbial backburner for many years, and in many different forms. A mindset that in the previous times of grievance had us on our feet and in the streets, to show we the people were serious about freedom in every form. Today there are too many people trying to catch the attention of everyone except those who matter; the legislators who write and pass the laws that affect each one of our lives. Here in the United States, we have open lines of communication with our elected officials. At any time, you can do a quick internet search and find the contact information of your local, State & Federal representatives; and to be honest, you should already know who they are.

Until legislation is changed to reflect and accept decentralization efforts, operation under the pretense of being “Decentralized” is ultimately futile. It is like trying to build a house on sand; no matter how well-constructed the house may be, it will eventually crumble and fall.

Therefore, we must come together and use our collective voices to lobby for the changes that are needed for the Web3 ecosystem to truly thrive. We must be willing to engage with our elected officials and to educate them about the principles of decentralization and the benefits of the Web3 ecosystem. We must be willing to work together and support each other in our efforts to push for these changes, and to create a movement that is strong and united.

At the same time, we must also be willing to adapt and evolve as the world around us changes. The Web3 ecosystem is a rapidly evolving and dynamic space, and we must be willing to embrace new technologies and approaches as they emerge. We must be willing to learn from our mistakes and failures, and to use them as opportunities for growth and improvement.

Ultimately, the key to pushing the paradigm and breaking free from the constraints of the status quo is to be bold and brave, to be willing to challenge the status quo and to embrace change. It is to be willing to come together and use our collective voices to lobby for the changes that are needed for the Web3 ecosystem to thrive. It is to be willing to adapt and evolve as the world around us changes, and to use our experiences and insights to push the paradigm forward.

By: Brian “Bodhizai” Mihelic — www.bodhizai.com



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