The Classic ‘Boyfriend Objection’

Aug 8, 2015 · 3 min read

You made such a huge effort approaching a woman, speaking to her and trying to connect with her emotionally. A lot of times when you are on the street and speak to a woman after 20 minutes she will saying something like this: “Oh I have a boyfriend’’. What do you do? What do you say?

Overcome all her ‘shit tests’

Let’s start with what NOT to say and how not to react. Before I learned all this I would say something like this: “Oh, I don’t want to be your boyfriend / I didn’t ask you/ Oh that’s cool’’ and react in a way. That’s the worst mistake you can make because you reacted to her objection. A lot of times this is just a ‘shit test’ that women do to see how confident you are, how serious you are. Remember alpha women teach us to become alpha male every single day.

The other thing, why on earth did you waste 20 minutes to find out that she has a boyfriend? Within 5–10 minutes you need to indicate your interest and IF she does have a boyfriend or she is married and she is not lying then let her go or continue speaking. That’s for another article.

When she says I have a boyfriend just smile look at her and say in a very calm and ‘stylish’ way: “Every beautiful person I met has that one special person in their heart’’ and continue speaking about what you were speaking before. It’s like you are ignoring her test and moving forward. If she is standing there and you can see she is attracted to you there is a reason. Act like it never happened. You have to escalate it and build attraction and show higher value. There is two more things that I teach my students that they can say which I will share on my next workshop in Limassol, Cyprus.

Just to make myself clear I’m not suggesting that you should get into ruin relationships or marriages. For me personally it’s all about your morals and what you believe in. For her to be speaking to you and creating that emotional connection it means that something is wrong in her relationship. I will not go into detail on this one because it’s a controversial subject and we will discuss it on another blog.

The next stage is to take her on an instant date or get the phone number and move on. Never ASK for her number as I wrote in another blog article.

To sum up, the boyfriend objection a lot of times is just a ‘shit test’ that women give us. To overcome it, don’t react and respond in a very calm way and continue creating that connection. If she really has a boyfriend she will not give you the opportunity to connect with you.

As always if you are interested in private coaching give me a shout or book your tickets for my next workshop in Cyprus on the 03rd/04th October.

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