“Be realistic.”

No one is innately born with the skills it takes to run a successful business — it takes some learning.

If you feel as though you’ve tried, tried again, and failed, your current situation may not be a reflection of your ideas (so don’t be hard on yourself!) It may be that you just need to try something else.

I felt scared and unsure of where to begin when I first decided to start my own business. I knew my calling was in the field of Communication but was weighed down with questions of “How will I make this work?” or “I don’t have the time” and my personal favorite, “What will people think when they hear I’m doing this?”

But there’s a certain point where you just have to make a choice. You can either continue living in your current reality, or you can take a deep breath and go after what you truly deserve.

Many people end up setting up shop on their own, then realize that this isn’t the life for them. But making scattered sales from an e-commerce website isn’t the same as generating a fantastic profit from an amazing product/service that is totally, 100% YOU.

So what’s the first step? You need to get yourself a signature brand ASAP.

Finding your signature brand requires more than a logo design or custom domain. You may enlist the help of vague e-courses or webinars you have to figure out for yourself. You could spend months or years trying to do this on your own. Or, you could make an investment in your future and work with an expert who shows you exactly how to get there.

If you’re feeling any traces of giving up, I urge you to give your dream one last shot. That fire your in your tummy and that deep-seated ambition in your heart isn’t something that everyone has. EMBRACE IT.

Your life, purpose and #newreality is really within your reach.

What will your #newreality look like?