The Summer Beer Expedition

By Alexander Chapman

While it can be often nice to play it safe when you grab for a cold one, the summer should be more about adventure and finding something new. While trying new beers is not the most adventurous thing in the world, it is likely the most fun and therefore best place to start! Here are our top 5 choices for unique and hard to find beers for you to discover this summer.

Collective Arts/ Project, Guava Gose

Style: Gose ABV: 4.9%

A gose style of beer is an unfiltered wheat beer that is usually quite crisp with a bit of a sour undertone. They have started to become a little more popular in recent years and make for a very refreshing summer beer. Collective Arts Guava Gose is one that is extremely unique and delicious. This energized beer is a mix of pure guava sweetness with a gose tart and sour overtone. It is very well balanced and almost impossible to find.

Collective Arts Guava Gose, Image by Foodism Toronto

Whitewater Brewing Company, Watermelon Blonde

Style: Blonde Ale ABV: 5%

Whitewater’s Blonde Ale is a classic style of beer. It is light and easy drinking yet has defined flavours. While their original blonde ale is great for hot summer days, their Watermelon Blonde somehow is even more fitting for summer. This easy drinking beer has a juicy watermelon flavour over top of their original light blonde maltiness. This adds a bit of sweetness and is extremely refreshing and a perfect way to cool off in the summer heat. Currently, this beer can only be purchased at Whitewater brewery making it an adventure to obtain it.

Black Oak Beat The Heat

Style: Belgian Ale, ABV: 4.5%

The Belgian Ale has been around for a long time and Black Oak has made sure to make their rendition a distinct one. This beer includes orange zest and coriander seed that makes a light citrusy beer a little earthier. It finishes off rather dry making you beg for more. This makes for numerous flavours that really work out your taste buds. While it is available in the LCBO, it is difficult to find and in limited numbers.

Refined Fool Pouch Envy

Style: Australian Pale Ale, ABV: 5.5%

Pale Ales are a classic style of beer but Refined Fool put their own distinct and flavourful spin on it. This great beer uses Australian Galaxy hops that have very defined notes of peach and citrus with a very powerful hops aroma. The fruity notes make this a great summer beer that is surprisingly not too hoppy. This beer is only obtainable in Sarnia but makes for a road trip that is well worth it.

Refined Fool Pouch Envy, Image by Beer to the Future

Dominion City Bonne Fete

Style: American Pale Ale, ABV: 7%

Bonne Fete is a truly distinct beer that uses very unique ingredients that pair wonderfully together. This pale ale has a very cloudy and red hue that prepares you for a wonderful taste. Made with oats, blackberry, cocoa, and vanilla, this beer has a unique overtone of fruit, sweet vanilla and cocoa. It is a must have while relaxing outside while soaking up the sun. Currently, this beer can only be found in Ottawa at Dominion City Brewery.

Dominion City Bonne Fête (Image from Dominion City)
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