The Top Five Go-To Summer Beers

By Alexander Chapman

Despite the harsh cold winters that we experience here in Ontario, our summers seem to be no better and it can sometimes feel like we are living in a perpetual sauna. Whether you are having fun at the cottage, socializing at an evening BBQ, or just kicking back after a hard day’s work you can always rely on a cold beer to cool you off. Here are our top five go-to beers to keep you refreshed this summer (In no particular order).

Sawdust City Golden Beach

Sawdust City Golden Beach (Image by Tristan Shen)

Style: Session IPA, ABV: 4.5%, IBU’s: 25

Starting off this list is a classic craft beer, Golden Beach Pale Ale. This hazy blonde beer gives off a fragrance reminiscent of tropical fruit and has an intense flavour of citrusy hops. As its name suggests, this beer is great for those hot sunny days when you are out at the beach so do not forget to throw it in the cooler the next time you have an outing on the sand.

Beau’s Brewery Buenos Dias

Beau’s Buenos Dias Gruit Ale (Image from Beau’s)

Style: Gruit Ale, ABV: 4.5%, IBU’s: 10

Sometimes a cold beer is not enough to cool you off and a tropical mix drink has to jump in to help. Buenos Dias is made with lime juice, orange peel, and sea salt turning your average beer into a margarita-beer hybrid. It gives of a defined citrusy and almost sweet aroma. If that alone isn’t enough to transport you to a breezy tropical island, its flavour brings out an energetic lime flavour with a subtle hint of salt. It finishes clean and dry making you quickly come back for more.

Muskoka Brewery Summerweiss

Muskoka’s Summerweiss (Image from Muskoka)

Style: Hefeweizen, ABV: 5%, IBU’s: 13

A summer beer list could never be complete without a wheat beer. The Muskoka Summerweiss is a perfect example of a refreshing well rounded beer. This beer gives off aromas of banana and wheat making for a smell that can easily remind you of banana bread. Its flavours match its aroma of banana and wheat that is followed by a slightly hoppy undertone. This beer is perfect for the hot dry days as well as the rainy cold ones and is great to have ready in the fridge for any situation.

Nickel Brook Brewing Co. Le Paysan

Image from

Style: Belgian Farmhouse Ale, ABV: 5.7%, IBU’s: 29

The motto, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” lives in this historic style of beer. In the past, it helped to energize and cool off farmers in rural Belgium and successfully completes that job today. This beer gives off aromas of fruit and a strong malt flavour. This is soon replaced by a crisp finish with an undertone of spiciness. This beer is very well rounded and easily a go to for the hot summer months.

Left Field Sunlight Park

Left Field Sunlight Park (Image from Left Field)

Style: Grapefruit Saison 5.3% ABV 22 IBU’s

Grapefruit always goes hand in hand with summer and has been proven to pair perfectly with beer which makes this Saison a top contender as a go-to beer. This blonde Saison explodes with flavours of citrus, honey and wheat making for a tart yet extremely tasty beer. The next time you are out at a park or on the patio, don’t forget to bring this delicious beer along.

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