Comrade Mole:

A Hypothetical (Yet Possible) Conspiracy

Vladimir Putin, as you hear on a bi-partisan basis, is one smart and calculating cookie. He is cunning, far too cunning for Trump to match. Cunning, to the point of taking down the Clinton machine, as the Democrats on the Hill say. But- if Putin is so cunning, why on Earth would he gamble on a flip-flopping, risky, volatile, and uncertain future under Donald J. Trump? A likely and possible answer is that he didn’t.

Consider the options and possibilities if you were Vlad. Would you really risk an international incident with the most powerful country on the planet to help an aggressive and thin -skinned unknown win the White House? I think not. It should be noted, this in no way changes or takes away from Russian involvement in the election. By essentially promising a third term of Barack Obama, Putin most certainly could have dealt with a President Clinton. As a known quantity, Hillary would be predictable to Putin. And so, the Russians hacked and leaked- but not to deliver victory to Donald Trump. Indeed, Trump’s win also took the Russians by surprise. It is much more likely that Putin’s goal was to tee up a weaker and damaged, but inevitable, President Clinton to engage in post-election diplomacy.

So how do we explain the here and now, with a White House in disarray and chaos, and Russians around every corner? Gen. Flynn most likely did maintain close contact with the Russians, as well as some campaign staff. However, PERHAPS nothing illicit did happen, as the FBI noted, but the Russians have turned these bad optics into damaging disinformation for the administration. So what about the constant leaks of unsubstantiated allegations against the campaign and Trump Team? We are constantly hit with leaked dossiers and rumors of contacts, only for them to be taken down by the FBI or denied by top aides. Perhaps the Russian goal was bigger than the election?

The convergence of chaos and coincidence, in my mind, leads to one possibility. That Putin did not expect Trump to win, and he wanted a damaged Clinton in office with a destabilized political system here. Now that Trump did win, it may be Russia themselves spreading disinformation about Trump aide contacts with them as a destabilization operation. The leaks, from inside the Intelligence Community, may actually be supplied from Russian moles inside the bureaucratic deep state to constantly keep the White House on it’s toes. News stories are broken on the hour, found to be false or inconclusive, and moved on from before answers are given to the public, keeping us all in a constant tizzy. Rumors of power struggles, foreign meddling, and “bed wetting” is overwhelming for a brand new and politically inexperienced administration. An old FBI twitter account that dumped old Clinton case docs and thought to have been compromised just before the election, just now (2/15/17) has dumped old Trump case docs. The White House, having just fired Flynn, appears to be more in chaos and catch up mode than cover up mode. After considering all the evidence, Trump may not be the Victor, and Hillary not the only Victim. Indeed, it could be very possible that we are all witnessing a massive Russian disinformation and destabilization op,meant to undermine and divide our society. May we all be wise in our love of liberty and country, because frankly, it’s working.