As most of you know already, The Burn Token is a self-annihilating digital asset. With each transaction of BURN, 1% is destroyed!

To stimulate this deflationary process and reward the community we have launched the, ‘EARN BURN PROGRAM’ today the 10th of July 2019.

Each day whether it is inter-account transfers or trades for BURN via a Uniswap smart contract, BURN token is changing hands. This stimulates the deflationary component of BURN with 1% of these movements being destroyed from the total supply. …

Burn Token is launching its very first referral/trading volume program running from 03 July to 05 July 23.59 GMT.


If you refer a friend you get 1% of all their BURN trade volume (Only net ETH/Tokens swapped for BURN).


  1. Refer a friend to Burn Token and give them your Telegram username.
  2. Educate your friend on how to trade BURN for ETH and/or many other tokens.
  3. Once your friend has successfully traded in BURN, then they are required to verify who referred them by signing a message.

Signing a message with your Ethereum Wallet

  1. Go to the relevant section…

This guide will show you how to trade BURN tokens and add liquidity to the BURN pool utilizing the Enjin mobile wallet.

Why would you want to add to the BURN liquidity pool? Firstly, to lower the price slippage in the BURN market, the bigger the pool the better pricing for all BURN community members. Secondly, until you remove your liquidity (which you can do at any time), you earn a proportional share of Uniswap’s 0.3% fee on any trades made between BURN, ETH & other listed ERC20 tokens.

  1. Enjin Mobile Wallet

Open your Enjin wallet and click the menu…

Burn Token

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