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Not everyone who reads this will understand what it feels like to be minding your own business and suddenly have a friend of yours, who has lots of followers, post your viral article saying it’s “Bloody brilliant” and you catch the exact same headline of your article…and see that it is in fact yours…only someone else has claimed they wrote it. You go through the process of trying to send them the messages like FB says, and you get blocked when you ask them to take it down. You later find it’s like going down the rabbit hole and the “cool kids” think that because “everyone” is doing it, it’s okay to steal content and slap a new name on it. Especially because the “universe” or some made up shit they justify now owns your article. You remind them about the DMCA and oh yeah the “rules” that we still have even if it is on the interwebs, and then you dig further to find out there is a team of these people working together making money off your work and many others. Lots of money I might add. So well played man. Will be sharing this article.

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