Thank You For Joining Us To Speak Up!

1 week. 1 incredible message: We are Speaking Up to protect the life we love from climate change.

This past week has been one to remember! Thousands of people across the country joined our Week of Action to help celebrate the life we love and want to protect from climate change, and ask their local politicians to do the same.

Because climate change affects all we hold dear — from the flowers and birds in our gardens to people in the world’s poorest countries — and each community has a unique story to be heard, the week saw an explosion of diversity in all corners of the country.

From making a splash on the beach…

…to taking a beautiful nature walk through the Cheshire mosses and meres…

…to conversations over cookies…

…to schoolchildren making some noise for what they love.

Even Minister Claire Perry got in on the action by talking climate change with Arsenal’s Mike Lloyd and others in her community (in an electric car, no less!)

And it didn’t stop there. MPs from all walks of life showed up to listen and hear how they can champion clean and secure energy in their communities.

The good news is, there’s already a huge amount of progress being made both here in our own backyards…

…and in neighbourhoods around the world.

The changing climate can feel big at times, but this Week of Action has been a reminder that its solutions are made up of many small parts and that we are each meaningful to confronting it. Thank you so much for being part of it!

Haven’t had a chance to speak up to your MP yet? Don’t worry! There’s still time to send them a tweet and tell them about the things you love.

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