You would need a police officer, or as you call them, a savage, to protect you from the actual…
Sirous Martel

You misrepresent my statements. I never said anything about honest hard working cops. There is a difference between them and the savages in police uniform. The problem is they both look alike and its sometimes hard to tell them apart, and unfortunately, if you are black or brown in this country that could be a life or death situation.

Unless you are black or brown I would not expect you to understand. This is a prime example of white privilege that you don’t have to worry about your sons or daughters potentially not coming back home from a simple encounter with an officer. Consider that in the future and try to be more empathetic to your fellow human beings.

That you would defend the actions of these savages also speaks to your own savagery and/or disregard for the lives of minorities which is why we must assert that “Black Lives Matter”. If all lives mattered we would not have to tell you.

“ That’s why I am comforted when I see a police officer…”

Thats because there hasn’t been a history of violence and mistreatment on your people from whites in authority in this country. Another example of white privilege.

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