Gunpowder, Treason and PIZZA

It’s been 410 years since Guy Fawkes had a shocker. Feels like yesterday! This weekend, the London skyline will be ablaze with some incredible displays. Here CAKE gives you an all-star guide for making the most of it. Wrap up warm lovers but make sure to bring your dancing shoes. This is how to weekend…

Right, first stop is Battersea Fireworks Display on Saturday night. Starts at 8pm, free entry, don’t miss the start! (Battersea Park, Albert Bridge Road, SW11 4PX).

Resist the horseburgers and head to your next stop, the only pizza institution almost as old as Guy Fawkes and Princess Di’s old fave… Ciro’s Pizza Pommodoro. (Book ahead for around 10pm on 020 7589 1278) (51 Beauchamp Place, SW3 1NY).

Listen; out for their live singers — epic. Look; out for celebs — always in the crowd. Order; Pizza and Expresso Martinis. Let; your meal go down and order a few shots of Sex on the Beach.

Next, head down to Tonteria for a boogie. (7–12 Sloane Square, SW1W 8EG) Hopefully, that needs little explaining! Make sure to catch a shot off the train as it goes past and look out for Leo, he loves it here, swoon.

By morning you may feel a little rough. Worth it! Whereby you will head down to Café Phillies to nurse your sore head. (2A Phillimore Gardens, W8 7QB) Indulge in an eggcellent brunch and a strong cappuccino.

If you haven’t already seen it, at this point you are to go the cinema and watch Spectre. If you have then go home, cuddle up on the sofa, don your finest possum socks and cashmere throw and watch Space Jam on ITV2 at 4:55pm, you’ve earnt it!

Thea Wellband