The Greek god of wealth could change the fortunes of all those in the CNFT space with his smart contracts.

Eirene with the infant Ploutos, c. 370 BC, in the Agora, Athens.

What are smart contract and why are they important?

What would a CNFT Launchpad look like and what utility would it bring to the sector?

Launching new projects takes team work and some serious hardware.

As The Card Room grows, those who hold our NFTs will always benefit first.

Series 1 Holders

Their forthcoming Mutation Series 2 project will be just the start of things to come.

The NFT Genome Research Institute, known as THE LAB

Ben the Cardano Rat tells The Card Room about his life and travels

The Card Room deep dives into this mysterious NFT

A Cardano NFT ecosystem where art, NFTs and gaming will come together in a creative…….SPLAT!


Welcome to The Card Room, a unique gallery of collectable NFT playing cards, individually minted and available to browse, purchase and play with.

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