#TCGat10: Marc Molinaro

“You Do It, Because It’s The Right Thing…”

Now there’s a phrase we could hear a little bit more these days…

It’s also a line we used in a Marc Molinaro ad we cut for his first run as Dutchess County Executive in 2011.

We shot the ad outside the Tivoli Village Hall where Marc started his public service career as the 18 year-old kid Mayor. He’s served as County Legislator and State Assemblyman before his run for County Exec.

Now in his second term, Marc has made unbelievable accomplishments in Dutchess. He’s even been named a 2x rising star by the NYS GOP. I guess better a 2x rising star, than one that’s burned itself out…

Marc is one of the special ones. He’s what we call the real deal. And the reason a line like “You do it, because it’s the right thing,” works so well for a guy like him…is that he believes it.

If you haven’t heard of Marc…you will. And if you have heard of him…you’ll hear a lot more.

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