Milestone Makers India 2017 Cohort Graduates

Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, in partnership with Startup India Advisory Services, proudly graduates 15 high-talent early and mid-stage company founders from throughout India.

After achieving their respective milestones over a 12-week period with the support of curated mentors, coaches and curriculum, we are honored to introduce the Milestone Makers India 2017 graduating class:

Aditi Chadha, DAZL (IOT/Wearables)

Amit Arora, Manuring It! (Agricultural Technology)

Amit Shukla, EasyGov (Government Technology)

Anurag Rana, Threye Interactive (Augmented Reality)

Gauri Angrish, CAREDOSE (Health Technology)

Gina Joseph, Zola India (Social Enterprise Consumer)

Neha Arora, Planet Abled (Social Enterprise Travel)

Piyush Kumar, Rooter (Sports Social Network)

Pooja Bhayana, Let’s Barter India (Recommerce)

Prachi Kagzi, Little Passports Edutours (Social Enterprise Travel)

Rachana Bagde, G for Gestures (Virtual Reality)

Raja Sekhar Vasa, Happy Adda Studios (Gaming)

Smita Mishra, Fandoro (AI Automation)

Sudeep Nadukkandy, WaterScience (Clean Technology)

Vivek Naik, Crop Stacks (Agricultural Technology)

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