Venture Capital and Social Action

What’s happening at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center: Week of August 1

For the week of August 1 at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco, learn what venture capitalists say when you leave the room and how you can turn entrepreneurship into social action.

Here are the FREE events at the Center, we’d love to see you!

  1. What VCs Talk About After You Leave The Room

Wednesday, August 3, 9:30–11:30amPT — sign up here.

Special guests from Silicon Valley VC firms will share insights into how VCs evaluate pitches from startup founders.

Topics include:

- Picking the right and best-sized markets and using realistic projections

- Leveraging marketplace perspectives to inform strategy and how willingness to be open about challenges is valued

- Recruiting tips to build a team that will bring enthusiasm and gravitas to the room

- Effective communication strategies for explaining important items like traction and strategies to keep an audience engaged

2. A Prototyping, Design and Social Action Workshop

Thursday, August 4, 5:30–8:30pmPT — sign up here.

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is kicking off a new series of workshops called, THINK-DO! Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a citizen looking to apply your curiosity and skills to solve problems in your community, this is a chance to start taking action.

The Center and special guest Megan Goering are eager to experiment with creating new frameworks and opportunities for compassionate, entrepreneurial minded people to respond to social issues they find disturbing.

In this first session, we will tackle the problematic student loan industry and graduate indebtedness.