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4 c’s of writing for brodcast





accuracy above all else

accuracy is a must of all must

your audience ned to understand what you’re saying the fist time

know what you’re talking about know your product

conciseness is most important in broadcast

time is time no over no under

brodway style you write to fill a certain amount of time

simply and condense

illustrate a picture to your audience

let people tell the story

people are the center of the story

completed circle

keeps people into the story

inverted pyramid dosent work for this

we speak 3 words per sec

dramatic unity climax cause effect

why do they want to listen

simple sentences avoids clauses and phrases

titles before names

Liberty university president Jerry Falwell

personalize where ever you can

use the word you

no periods in TelePrompTer only slashes

spell out stuff

use phonetic spelling

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