The Edens north lounge is one of many common places on the western campus. Students are occupying it almost all day every day. You could pass by at 2 am and there’s a good chance you’ll find someone there doing something. So, as you would expect from this, many people say that the Edens north lounge is one of the best options. I personally disagree. It can’t really compete with the other lounges on campus, the library, or the outdoor areas. It consists of a ping pong table, a pool table, a kitchen, a piano, and a seating area. These are all contained in one room. Yet, the western website lists the main designed uses of the lounge as for “events and studying.” I had seen this when I originally was picking dorms to live in and it helped to jump edens north to my number one option. A close area to study and possibly make new friends seemed perfect. But due to sound I have been unable to do this. Whenever I want to study outside my room I have to go elsewhere because it is almost always too loud to study in. Events I could see; there’s lots of activities, ample space, and the sound carries quite far so it would attract more people. Therein lies the issue for studying. The room is quite loud and louder noises can be heard though most of the building. When there aren’t many people in it the sound carries throughout the whole lounge. And when there are a large number of people as you can imagine it can become quite loud in the lounge. There are also people in there almost all day everyday. Most of the time its not just one person either but multiple groups of friends. The ping pong and pool tables are loud on their own even without talking as well. One possible reason for this is its one of only 2 lounges in the entire building and far bigger then the other one and also more accessible to the students from edens. In comparison to say fairhaven where almost every stack, which hold less people, have at least one lounge. This means that the lounge is rarely empty enough for studying to be a reasonable option. It also contains the buildings only kitchen and due to the rooms not having kitchens its the only way to cook any food so people are in there a lot to make themselves food making the lounge an even louder environment then it already is. The higginson lounge has a wall separating the TV and quieter areas and it actually blocks the noise quite well it just is not as good for events. The library is also far quieter due to it being, well, a library but that also makes it somewhat better for events. Outside areas give you nice views, you can move around, it works well for both studying and events but it heavily depends on the weather. Some might say the edens north lounge makes up for it in betting good for other things sice it is usable in any weather and is larger for events but since the western website cites one of the primary goals of the lounge as being used for studying I do not believe this to be a valid argument. The Edens north lounge just cannot compete with the other common places on campus due to its inability to preform at one of its designed goals. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet to study or do homework I would not suggest the lounge at Edens north.

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