When Kindness Triumphs Over Everything Else

What binds us all as humans is far greater than what divides us. What is common within us is far greater than what differentiates us. At a greater level, we aren’t all that different. Call it a miracle of creation or the marvel of evolution, all sentient beings are united by a force that is stronger than anything else in the Universe. And that is the power of goodness and compassion; to empathize with the pain of another living being and the innate ability to respond at a micro level.

The story of Miguel Mallari Jr., while common to the countless stories of suffering in the world, is also outlined by the silver lining of hope and is a testimony to the undying spirit of the human being against apparently insurmountable odds.

Miguel M. Mallari Jr., a 54-year old man living in The Philippines was diagnosed with diabetes that had taken over most of his body. He was admitted to the Loving Mother General Hospital two months ago. He soon found out that his hospital care and medication bills were very expensive and for a man of meager means as Mr. Mallari was, it became extremely difficult for him to cope with the financial adversity that was thrust upon him. Friends and well-wishers came forward to offer financial aid. They chipped in with what they could but it still wasn’t enough. A dear friend started helping him pay the hospital and medication bills but still fell short of the expensive treatment Mr. Mallari was getting at the hospital. Many more friends and family members came forward to help financially or to volunteer to be beside him in the hospital and provide him in whatever ways they could. However, the situation was out of everybody’s hands and expenses kept piling up.

Just before he was scheduled to undergo a leg amputation surgery, because his legs were infected owing to his uncontrolled diabetes, the hospital authorities told him that they could not perform surgery on him unless he clears all of the pending bills of the hospital. The situation, it seemed, for Mr. Mallari was that of pure doom.

Providence, it seems, has a way out of every dark situation. Friends of Mr. Mallari found out about the Borderless Charity and immediately approached Mr. Christopher Franko, the founder of Borderless Charity and the Expanse.tech platform. They shared with him the critical situation Mr. Mallari was in. Without hesitation, Mr. Franko committed himself to help Mr. Mallari through the Borderless Charity. The charity donated half of Mr. Mallari’s hospital bills.

Mr. Mallari decided to live with his friend at his home. He decided to spend whatever time he had surrounded by people he loved and who loved him back. He requested leave from the hospital because he did not want to stay at a place that wasn’t empathetic to the needs of a patient in dire conditions. He chose to live in his friend’s home and his food and shelter was provided by his friend and his loving, caring family.

When he went to the doctor for follow-up, the doctor gave him three months to live because the infection had now spread to his kidneys as well. And yet, Mr. Mallari showed extreme courage and grace under these circumstances although he was saddened by the news of his impending death. He was extremely thankful for the grace and blessings his friends and family had showered upon him. And most of all, he was full of gratitude for the help extended by the Borderless Charity. He said that he will always pray for his friends and the Borderless Charity’s success.

At Borderless Charity, we live by the philosophy that the means of living a better life should not be concentrated with a select few. The disparity among us and our brethren should never stop us from extending a warm, helping hand to those in need. After all, how different are we from them and what stops us from not being in a situation similar to theirs?

Unfortunately, within two months of leaving the hospital, Mr. Miguel Mallari Jr. passed away. He will, no doubt, travel to a better place. However, how we live in this world determines how we travel to the next plane. It also determines what memories and legacy we leave in this world. The greatest achievement of a human is not how much wealth he accumulates but how much kindness and love he receives throughout his life. If you have even one person who truly loves you by your side when you leave this world, your time on this planet was worth its while. We are sure that Mr. Mallari had more than one person when he left the world for his eternal journey.

Remembering Miguel M. Mallari 1963 to 2018

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