Clothed in Compassion’s Armor

Fear. Anger. Sorrow — so much suffering and darkness rampant in the world. How do we, the warriors of compassion, battle against the dark as it creeps into the edges of our world? What do we do as it threatens to overwhelm?

We enter the fray clothed in the armor of compassion.

Energy healers refer to this armor as a shield of protection and the process to of donning the armor shielding. But, shielding has the potential of being more than a method of protection. It is also a way of sharing compassion and minimizing suffering in the world.

Shielding is best accomplished early in the morning so that we can go into the day aware of the power of our healing presence. We can touch up our shields throughout the day through visualizing repairs.

To Shield:

  • Get into a quiet place and focus on your breathing. Envision your breath as it is drawn through your crown on each inhale.
  • With each successive inhale, your breath burrows deeper into your body. The energy of the breath fills your every nook and cranny.
  • You may feel a slight tingling as your body, now filled, begins to release this air. It flows from your palms, the soles of your feet, your eyes, your pores.
  • The air then pools around your body creating a second skin, your armor.
  • As this membrane inflates, you are creating your armor.
  • With your next breath, feel your armor being energized with compassion. The compassion flows into the armor and then back to you as it alleviates your own personal suffering.
  • Intend that every thought, action, and word, directed toward others, are tinged with compassion.
  • Intend that any action or word direct toward you, no matter how hurtful, is enveloped by compassion when it touches your armor. The energy of the hurt is transformed into compassionate presence.
  • The essence of compassion burrows deeply into you alleviating any suffering caused by the actions or words of another.
  • Another part of this essence ricochets off your armor and goes back to the other as compassion. You share compassion with the intent to alleviate their suffering.
  • Throughout the day, your armor creates a continuous loop of sharing compassion with whomever you touch.

We are part of the grace filled community of compassion. When we realize that hurt is not about us, but about the suffering of another, we can become warriors clothed in the armor of compassion. And, as our ranks grow we become compassion’s tipping point.

Clothed in Compassion’s Armor

Vanessa Vanessa is a Community Builder, Intuitive Healer, and Compassionista Author of Engaging Compassion Through Intent & Action. This post first published here.

Vanessa regionally facilitates the Compassion Conversation and presents programs focusing on compassion, living with mindful awareness, and deepening intuitive awareness. She is a community builder and volunteer with the Partnership for Compassionate Louisville. Vanessa consults with organizations to identify and grow their compassion culture.

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