Find the real

After one of my programs, a participant recounted a story about a message that she had heard in a recent sermon. So profoundly affected, the next week she sought out the minister to thank him. After sharing how deeply his story affected her, the minister smiled and gently thanked her.

His next words still haunt: “but that was not in my sermon.” She heard something that the man had never said.

We chuckled because although it was not the message of the sermon, those words were what she needed to hear.

Our perceptions create our reality. What we are certain we see and hear, shape how we respond and react to the world. I think about the constant bombardment of information and wonder how often we actually hear or see or read what is intended. Lots of room for misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and reactions exist.

How can we create filters that empower our awareness and help us take an accurate look at the real? Through our compassion and intuition we sift through what we believe we see to what is really there. Compassion asks us to be gentle first with our self and then to the people, situations, and bits of creation we meet along the way. In compassion’s presence we are more likely to name what is triggering our suffering and take strides to ameliorate it.

For me, compassion is a calming force. It creates a metaphoric eye of the storm. In the eye of my life storm, my intuitive nature is freed through self compassion. In the calm, my intuitive whispers are less likely to be blown away unheard. I am better able to listen to wisdom as it surfaces.

Compassion is a companion; intuition is a guide. Both help me see past illusion and empower me to create a more authentic reality based upon my perceptions and interpretations. With both intuition and compassion, maybe, just maybe, I am equipped to understand that others live in a world based upon their perceptions and interpretations. And, maybe, I live the words of Gandhi, as I become “the change I wish to see the world.”

Vanessa is a Community Builder, Intuitive Healer, and Compassionista Author of Engaging Compassion Through Intent & Action. This post first published here.

Vanessa regionally facilitates the Compassion Conversation and presents programs focusing on compassion, living with mindful awareness, and deepening intuitive awareness. She is a community builder and volunteer with the Partnership for Compassionate Louisville. Vanessa consults with organizations to identify and grow their compassion culture.