The Compassion Tour is on

David Breax, left, with Matthew Hamner, chief of police, Bainbridge Island, WA.

David Breaux has been listening to his own heart, and his heart continues to speak clearly to the simple idea of spreading the word of compassion. Once you’ve had a conversation with David, you view the world differently. If he talks to you about the experience of the homeless, you are never again comfortable ignoring their plight. If he talks with you about the experience of listening with an open and non-judgmental heart, you find yourself listening harder and hearing more. A conversation with David is life changing and that energy ripples outward from person to person, as people share their own experience of compassion and, importantly, act on that experience.
David is planning his next compassion tour. Consider bringing him to your city. Work with him to strengthen your compassionate city initiative or to spark interest in one. In each of the cities David visits, he will work with community members and community based organizations to carry out his mission. He will stand in a central location, gather people’s written concepts of compassion and offer a space of deep listening, and offer compassion conversations and workshops. Contact David.

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